You’ve Never Had A Wet Dream About Your Girlfriend? You’re Lying.


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Don’t feel embarrassed, it’s very common, and it doesn’t mean that you are gay! Most of my married girlfriends had at least one lesbian dream, including me, and they there is nothing to freak out about.

mature woman sleeping on bed

According to dream symbolism, having a lesbian dream could mean that you are feeling marginalised or unappreciated. In my opinion, it just means you are a bit sexually frustrated and your mind is exploring every corner of sexual fantasies… Or even in our cases, as bored wives, it might mean that we miss that sweet intimacy that comes with great sex and mental connection at the first stages of a relationship.

The Telegraph even suggests that gay dreams help you bond with other people of the same sex. So basically if you are having lesbian dreams, you are a great friend!


Leave a comment telling us if you ever had any naughty dream…

Thoughts on porn?


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I have never been much of a fan of porn, but I think that’s a thing to do with how girls of my generation were brought up.

I “only” caught my husband watching porn twice, and it was as embarrassing as  I imagined. The first thought is : “why are you watching porn?” then I thought: “it’s normal, every man does it” but there is a small, inevitable part of me that wishes that all he needed to get turned on is a picture of me. I know, very unrealistic, but one can dream!


Sexual fantasies


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Everyone has their own secret sexual fantasies… from sex with a celebrity, to role playing or having sex in public. But how do you explore this side of you after so many years of plain sex with your husband? You need to talk about it, and it needs to be a long and honest conversation…

This article by The Mirror reveals the top sexual fantasies in the UK anything that  resonates with you?


“The talk”


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In every parents’ life comes the time for the “talk”. How babies are made, what goes where, and why you should always use protection.

My sister has a 9 years old daughter and she had to have the talk now because some kids at school told her about sex! She wasn’t expecting to have the talk with her daughter for at least another few years, but oh well, times have changed I guess.

Will you be giving/have you given the talk to your children yet?


Staying together for the kids


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This article from The Telegraph says that parents divorcing is less harmful if it takes place earlier in childhood.  As a mother, I can’t help but think that a united family is better for my children, but I also think it’s an enormous sacrifice to make.

On the other hand, if your marriage is really unhappy, your kids will feel it and this won’t be good for them either.

Parenting is hard isn’t it?

Family broke up, divorce. Dad left the family, the death of her husband, the widow

Do you think staying in an unhappy marriage would be the right choice for your children?

Why is the idea of sex with a stranger is so exciting?


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Red White and Juicy

I often find myself wondering if I could sleep with someone I see on the street, without the “getting to know each other” phase. There is so much excitement in the extreme naughtiness of having sex with someone you just met, besides the fact that I am married!

There would be no formalities, no strings attached, you are simply there to feel intense pleasure and to physically satisfy one another.


According to Psychology Today, only 4% of women in a relationship would actually sleep with a complete stranger. Of course this is a just fantasy, most of us would need some sort of connection and spark before going to bed with someone, but dreaming is free!

Do you ever fantasise about men you see on the street?

The perfect woman according to men


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Incomplete female mannequin against brown background

I have always thought that men dream of the tall, slim blonde model type, with huge breasts and a perfect behind.

Well, according to, (a website for married people who want to have an affair!), men’s ideal lover is brunette, with light eyes, not too tall, slim or slightly curvy (as long as she is healthy), toned, good-looking but still “real”.

But apparently, the thing that men find the sexiest, is confidence. The perfect woman is also funny and goes to the gym and theatre.

Men on the website apparently also like to spoil their lover as they prefer someone who can be independent but will allow the men to be chivalrous and pay.

Well, my ideal man looks a bit like this:


What’s your like?

Confidence Comes with Age


Grandmother portrait set in the studio. Concepts about seniorityLast week my dear friend told me that she is so happy to be in her late 40s because she has actually never felt more confident.

This affirmation made me realise how I accept myself much more compared to when I was in my 20s, when I hated my appearance and was obsessed with my scale. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror at times, and now I just think less about my looks, and appreciate a bit more the flaws that make me, me.

It feels like the older we get, the more appreciative of ourselves we become…and actually, body confidence reaches its highest in our late 60s, according to his article from the Independent!

Leave a comment to tell us if you feel more confident than when you were younger.