Welcome to the Bored Wives Club!

We (that’s Michelle, Mia and Rose) have been married, collectively, for a total of 32 years. Naturally, we have a wealth of rants, raves and appalling anecdotes about our respective partners’ behaviour, but until now, we were not able to share those grievances with the world.

Hence the creation of the Bored Wives Club – a space for married women of all backgrounds to come together and share confessions and calamities concerning their married life…

This is a safe, anonymous space where no one is judging, so we ask our users to let it all out. We know what it’s like to feel utterly alone at times in our marriages; we hope this website will do its little bit to ease this feeling in other Bored Wives, by being able to share your marital frustrations with our secret spousal sisterhood.

There are no real rules; just have fun, be nice, and spill your beans!

Lots of love.

Rose, Michelle, and Mia X
(The Bored Wives)

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