Slowly but surely. Anybody have any plans on the agenda? I must admit I’m most excited about the Zoo’s opening, thinking to go visit Colchester Zoo next week!

I’ve realised my only non outdoor/park activity apart from shopping over the last 3 months has been visiting the garden centre 😂 Although I find that I’m still spending 85% of my time on the internet, especially on this forum!

You would not believe the amount of new pots and plans that have sprouted in the garden out of nowhere. I am pretty excited about some of them though, I’ve started a nice little vegetable patch, all my herbs are doing well, and it looks like some tomatoes and strawberries are beginning to take some shape! Maybe this will help me beat the queues at the veggie shop, who needs you Tesco? Lockdown Gardening Gertrude out here!

Can any of you relate? So many friends of mine have really taken to looking after their gardens, and doing lots of home DIY – it’s brilliant.

So, what’s open around you and will you be going? I’ll let you know how the Zoo goes next week! Wonder if it’s much different to a normal outing there.