This has honestly been the strangest year of my life, I’m sure many of you can resonate with that. I truly am getting fed up with this lockdown, and not just the lockdown but also this virus, I hope there is an end to all this madness sooner rather than later!

I’ve always been slightly introverted, therefore enjoy my own company a lot – reading, writing, housework, looking after the kids – this has always been the norm for me. So at a time when many people I know are picking up new hobbies at home, I feel like I’ve had many home hobbies to begin with.

I could never imagine that I’d be yearning for more socialising, being one of the first in my group to cancel plans to stay at home with a hot cuppa coffee and a good book on the weekend once the kids have gone to bed!

I vow to be more socially ‘active’ when this is all over.

Organise more meetups…

More coffee dates, brunch hang outs, evening dinners, theatre shows, museum walkabouts, holidays… and dare I say, dancing! This lockdown has made me feel older than ever, I want to reclaim some of my youth and not just feel like a wife and a mother. Hopefully not too long now huh?

In the meantime I’ve found a lot of enjoyment out of joining in online forums to chat to women who may be feeling the same. Especially this one Lockdown Love