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António Horta-Osório. Nope, never heard of him either. But he’s a very important man. Why? Well, he’s the chief executive of Lloyds Bank, namely.

He’s also been making some dubious visits to Singapore, so claim The Sun. Following Vernon Kay, Ozzy Osborne and others, Horata-Osório joins the long, long list of high-profile adulterers this year alone, if The Sun’s claims are to be believed that is (they’ve never lied before, have they?).

It does raises a pertinent and salient question; are affairs simply a part of every day life?

Whether you’re young, old, rich, poor, attractive, ugly, male, female, there’s a very good chance that you know someone, even if not very well, who has cheated or been cheated on themselves.

It begs the question: is monogamy simply a social construct? Will affairs become acceptable in a few decades from now? Should we be surprised at the alarming (or not as the case may be) of failed marriages?

Answers on a postcard, please.