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Hands up if you’ve ever had rubbish sex?

*raises hand*

We’ve all been there. Well, 68% of us have. I’m surprised it’s not higher, but over two-thirds of women have admitted to having faked an orgasm at once stage or another (apparently, 28% of men have done the same).

Interestingly enough, a little over half of women think that there’s nothing wrong with faking it – nothing like a relationship built on trust and honesty, right?

A spokesman from IllicitEncounters.com, the site who commissioned the survey, said:

“It is very clear from these findings that there are a lot of women having rubbish sex with their husbands and long-term boyfriends and faking it to spare their feelings.
It is easier to do that than confront the deeper problems in a relationship.
Perhaps what is more surprising is how many men are faking it, too – largely for the same reasons as women. They put on an act because their marriage or long-term relationship is stale  and they are going through the motions when it comes to sex.”