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Women are the main screamers. That’s what this very scientific research by IllicitEncounters.com, a UK dating website for married people, claims.

Of a poll of 1,000 people,  88% of women admitted that they were louder than their partners during love-making, while 64% of men polled also confirmed that their female lovers drowned them out when they were getting intimate.

Perhaps more importantly, however, most people like a bit of noise in the bedroom. Specifically, 71% of men and 62% of women.

It’s always a sign that you’re doing well, I guess.


Interestingly, married men and women who are unfaithful are quieter when making love to their spouse than they are with their lover.

Six out of ten women (62%) and 72% of men said they did make more noise in bed when they were cheating.

You learn something new every day.