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So, Beyoncé just released a thing. Apologies – that’s doing it a disservice. Her latest album, Lemonade, was surprisingly released over the weekend. What’s surprising about a musician releasing music? Not a lot, but this one is an exception given that, y’know, nobody was aware of its existence until a few days ago.

While I’m not her no.1 fan by any means, the “visual album,” as it’s been dubbed, is certainly unique.

The hot topics range from female empowerment to her seemingly troubled relationship with superstar husband, Jay-Z, and it’s the latter that I’m most interested in.

There’s more than just subtle hints that the rapper cheated on her (and lord knows why) which, as I’ve mentioned before,  doesn’t make the life of an average joe like myself all that bad – nobody’s immune to a bit of pain and sadness.

But, as the album concludes, it might be worth powering through adversity too.