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Why do we eat ice cream when we’re sad? I don’t know, but it’s the prime destination after every tear-filled and heartbreak-fuelled emotional breakdown. There’s the oh so cliché gathering of girlfriends, while junk food and a crappy movie (that you never end up finishing anyway) provide the miserable backdrop for you to elucidate over your lack of understanding of the male species. Dating a man isn’t easy. But then again, neither is dating a woman. So, boys, here are the best ways to ensure that your girlfriend is stocking up on Ben & Jerry’s anytime soon.


Tiny Details

A girl will always appreciate the little things. You send her texts in the morning to say hello, you’ve remembered her favourite drink, you’ve noticed when she’s changed her hair. To you it might seem trivial, but to her, it makes the world of difference. But it’s also a fine balancing act. Sure, telling her she looks pretty is helpful, but you don’t wanna get creepy. A barrage of texts, too many compliments, and overly nice comments can get pretty weird, pretty quickly. No-one likes to be smothered, and compliment after compliment can put your partner in a pretty awkward position. She knows you love her – you don’t have to keep on reminding her. Less is more.


Look the Part

Evert girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man. You might not look like a male model, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take pride in your appearance. Cute guys who dress well, smell good, and look after themselves are certainly elevated up the pecking order. And, honestly, it isn’t hard. A scruffy and disheveled look won’t help your cause.


Don’t Be An Asshole

Looks are always important, but they can’t stand alone. Like the cereal without the milk, peas without the pod, chips without the ketchup… what all these terrible similes tell you, are that good looks without an attractive personality aren’t enough. More often than not, the latter can far outweigh the former. Intelligence, humour, style… there are few things more attractive than a man who knows what he wants. A man who holds the doors, can make her laugh, doesn’t struggle for conversation, and is an all-round gentleman. Women are looking for a future – someone who is dependable, independent and ambitious.

But there’s also nothing worse than a man who’s arrogant. He thinks he’s funny when he’s not; he’s immature; he’s smart, but in a way that’s almost condescending; he doesn’t make any discernible effort in his appearance; he’s constantly between jobs, and the thought of him meeting your family sends you into a state of anxiousness.

Still living at home with your parents, lacking any basic form of independence, trying too hard to impress – these are definite deal breakers.


Be nice, be yourself, take care of your appearance, show her that you care, and you’ll be alright.