the largest UK extra-marital affairs site has revealed that more adulterers wear Hugo Boss than any other brand of aftershave.

The affairs site surveyed 2000 of its male members asking them what their choice of aftershave is, with Hugo Boss at the top with a 26% of the vote, suggesting that cheats can now be sniffed out.

In second place was Chanel Allure at 14% and third place Tom Ford (12%). Old Spice is also worth a mention, surprisingly 1% of members did opt for this ‘timeless’ aftershave, perhaps indicating that some men have simply not replaced their aftershave since 1936.

The site also polled the men on which type of smell is most attractive on a woman, and ‘Musky’ came on top with 25.40%, beating popular scents such as ‘Citrus’ (18.25%) and ‘Floral’ (13.49%). ‘Musky’ is a very animalistic smell, proposing that scent evokes very primitive instincts when it comes to levels of attraction.

It is interesting that Hugo Boss came in at such a high vote, perhaps affair seekers identify with it as a very masculine scent that is sure to entice a woman. What the winning three colognes have in common is that they are produced by very well known and long established fragrance companies which would appeal to many generations of men.

People tend to identify certain scents with each other. All too often that nostalgia kicks in when an aroma of someone you know hits you, and for a split second you think they might actually be in the room with you, right before you realise it’s somebody else sporting the fragrance. And now you may actually be able to smell a cheat.Hugo Boss - The Scent of a Cheat

Spokesperson for Claire Page said “Scent and attraction have a big correlation. We are also very unique about our idea of what constitutes a sexy aroma. Some people prefer classic spicy scents, others something a little sweeter – and now we know that affair-seeking men opt for the classic woody tones of Hugo Boss. I’m not that shocked, Boss does smell pretty fantastic on a guy, very manly. You have to remember, unfaithful men tend to be alpha-males and this scent perfectly matches a real life Boss. Just remember, should you catch a whiff of Hugo Boss on a man, he may not be the only woman you’re seeing. I also quite like that affair seeking men are enticed by musky scents on a woman, it is after all a very ancient ingredient in a woman’s perfume; the sense of smell is one of our most primitive instincts so it’s only natural a man would go wild for this carnal fragrance.

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Top 10 Aftershaves

Hugo Boss 26%
Chanel Allure 16%
Tom Ford 12%
Giorgio Armani Armani Code 9%
Paco Rabanne 8%
Aramis 6%
Issey Miyake 5%
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male 4%
Givenchy Gentlemen 3%
Dior Eau Sauvage 2%
Other 9%