I feel I’ve developed a bit of a trend here in writing about food – I think it’s something that’s only recently interested me and I’m sharing some knowledge 🙂 Just wish I had a bigger fascination for it earlier on – but there you go!

Today’s topic is nuts! There my new foolproof snack at home, guaranteed to keep you full and the kids love them too. (Just make sure nobody has allergies to them!)

Handy tip! Store them in jars – it means you have easy access, no hassle and you can pic and choose the ones you want at the time you want them 🙂 I like to get the kids to draw labels for me – and stick them on! I actually got the idea for this when helping my children make a gift for their dad for fathers day, stumbling upon the idea online! I got them to create cute little stickers in decorative jars saying ‘We’re nuts about Dad! <3’


Anyhoo! Back to nuts. I wanted to tell you guys some of the health benefits of them and why we should be eating more of them 🙂 Apart from the fact their delicious and filling. Yum.

Here are my favorite five!

  1. Almonds

Rich in Calcium – Great for strong bones! High in fiber, a source of Vitamin E an antioxidant which is good for the skin and heart.

2. Walnuts

Rich in antioxidants which helps fight heart problems and diseases like cancer. High Omega 3 content which is brain-food!

3. Cashews

High Zinc and Iron content – good for the immune system and healthy sight. Also has levels of magnesium with is good for the brain.

4. Brazil Nuts

A Brazil nut contains more than 100% of your daily need of mineral selenium which may help prevent a number of cancers.

5. Macadamia Nuts

These are my absolute fave nuts to snack on. So good. They are great for lowering the cholesterol thus good for a healthy heart.

Are there any fellow nut-fanatics out there?

Love BWC xoxox