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One third of Adulterers believe that cheating doesn’t count when it’s done abroad.


IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s largest extra-marital affairs site, surveyed 1000 of it’s members and discovered that a whopping 33% admitted that they didn’t feel having a fling abroad was cheating.

The survey found that 28% of affair-seekers were planning a trip abroad to engage in some illicit fun this summer.

The surveyed also voted on the top European cheating destinations and found Prague to be the top contender.

What is interesting is that cheaters actually believe what they’re doing doesn’t constitute as cheating as long as it’s done on holiday; perhaps the anonymity of infidelity abroad minimizes the guilt factor, thus making it feel less deceptive.

Sierra, a female member using the site, said “What happens on holiday stays on holiday! It’s a universal rule. Every year I book a girlie getaway with my close pal Donna, who’s also married by the way. Our summer breaks are always very eventful, but nothing I want to write home about! Let’s just say a cheeky fling is always on the agenda, Donna and I both know it’s only some harmless fun. Our husbands drop us off at the airport and they’re right where we left them when we get back, none-the-wiser and perfectly happy to see us after a little break from each other. It’s win-win.”

Spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com Claire Page said “Let’s be honest here, what do you actually expect goes on – on a girls or lads holiday? Plenty of married people play away on holidays abroad; it’s just something nobody bats an eye at anymore.

Is it cheating? Apparently some think not, I can totally understand the thought process behind this though. The reason some people harbour any ill feelings towards their infidelity is due to the baggage that may follow them around, but if you can drop the baggage off on the conveyor belt at the airport – then the weight is quite literally off your shoulders.

If the problem doesn’t follow you home, then there’s no problem at all. So can cheating abroad not count? Yes, if you don’t let it.”

Top 5 European Cheating Destinations

Prague – Czech Republic

Majorca – Spain

Barcelona – Spain

Dublin – Ireland

Amsterdam – Netherlands

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