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Hello ladies!

Recently a good friend of mine has discovered she is intolerant to gluten and has just switched her bread to a gluten free make called Genius.

I tend to eat fresh home-baked french bread in the mornings with the kids but it just so happens I had a free morning and was round my friends for breakfast where she used this gluten free bread. I too made a shocking discovery, I felt absolutely great mid morning after eating this bread. Now this might not seem strange to you, but to me it was, normally mid mornings I feel bloated and fatigued, and it led me to believe maybe I have the same gluten-issues as my friend!

Turns out many people seem to have mild, minor or major gluten intolerance without their knowledge! This kind of food is usually found in carbs like bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits etc… and I’m telling you, there are 100’s of gluten free options! I have now switched myself and the kids for the last two weeks and I’m feeling a noticeable difference.

The great thing is that supermarket aisles have a good range of organic food that is an alternative for people with allergies to certain foods.

Here are some of my favorites!

Genius Sliced Spicy Fruit Loaf (Gluten Free)

£2.50, you can buy it HERE


Doves Farm Organic Pasta (Gluten free, Wheat Free)

£2.00, you can buy it HERE


Nairn’s Biscuit Break Oat & Syrup

£1.75, you can buy it HERE


Mrs Crimble’s Gluten Free Coconut Macaroon

£1.20, you can buy it HERE


Sainsbury’s Freefrom Chocolate Brownies

£2.00, You can buy it HERE


Love BWC xoxo