If you’re on the hunt for a lover, don’t diet! Affair-seeking men prefer voluptuous women.

​Forget the diet, have an affair!

IllicitEncounters.com the UK’s largest married dating site has discovered the key attributes that cheating men look for in a mistress.

The affairs site surveyed 1500 of its male members who are actively pursuing an affair to discover what they seek in a potential lover. The study reveals the majority of men prefer bigger ladies over women who are slim or toned.

Curvaceous came on top with 34% of the vote, beating Petite (24%) and Athletic (14%)

The findings also revealed Blue to be the most popular eye colour (27%) and men also preferred Blonde’s over any other hair colour (29%) for their mistress.

Sex appeal is naturally important to anybody looking for a sexual partner, what is interesting is that a large proportion of men are looking for a curvaceous, blue eyed, blonde. With 72% of the men surveyed in their 40s, perhaps they are rooting their fantasies back 20 years ago with films like Basic Instinct starring Sharon Stone, popularising the blonde bombshell archetype of a female.

Harry a member of the site said “I think most men are naturally attracted to curvy girls, they’re head turners. Ultimately this is about sex and curvaceous woman have sex appeal – no man can truly say he doesn’t find it difficult not to look at a woman with big hips and a voluptuous décolletage. Personally, I think big women are sexier and more confident – far more enticing then a stick insect, let’s be honest. My wife is quite the opposite, slim and conservative – but I’m not with her for the sex.”

Claire Page spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com said “It’s important to know that the male age demographic of affair-seekers is typically older, and these men will have been growing up when curvy women were celebrated, Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson – to name a few.


Curvy women are more aesthetically pleasing and look healthier, who would want Keira Knightly when they can have Shakira – the proof is in the pudding!


Its time women stopped dieting and starting embracing their sexy natural figures, anyway, everybody knows bigger women bounce better in bed – and sex burns calories.”

Love BWC xoxo