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Afternoon Ladies!

Hope you’ve all been having fabulous weeks in the Sun, the weathers been kind to us recently..


I’ve only got one qualm about good weather, and that is – I seem to eat more!! What is strange, is that my friends tell me they always loose weight in the Summer months, and put it back on in the Winter. I seem to be quite the opposite – Winter I think of as a time to spend indoors – this means I prepare better food that is high in protein and low in fat, I also spend a lot more of my time in the gym!

In the summer it’s a totally different story! I pig out when I’m out in town, and don’t feel like cooking very often (it’s too hot!) so in come the takeaways. Not only that, but I do not exercise as often, being stuck in a gym when it’s beautiful outside? It’s a no brainer.

Now, I’ve been seeing the weight pile on a little, it’s not totally tragic but we’re well on the way to loosing all my hard work over the chillier months in getting a healthy happy body!

So, I’m going to share with you my quick and easy way sustain your figure. I do allow myself a cheat MEAL once a week (not a cheat day). I Also alternate days to keep it fresh 😉

Here are two typical days in my Food Diary.

Day 1:



A handful of nuts and berries.

Excellent sources of good fats and it keeps you full for quite awhile. I usually opt for Almonds, Hazlenuts, Cashews and Raisins and dried strawberries.



Day’s when I have a small breakfast, I go for a BIG lunch. Go hard or go home 😉

Usually I will opt for a meaty meal such as grilled chicken with sweet potatoes, a better alternative to normal potatoes and a side salad.



After quite a big dinner, I opt for a delicious salad in the evenings. You can really get creative here! Choose your favorite veg and/or fruit and away you go.

Day 2.



I do love a good breakfast, and as the day before I only allowed my body nuts – day two I’ll go for something cooked. This is always an eggy breakfast, either poached egg, fried egg, boiled egg, soft-boiled egg! On rye bread with some good veggies such as steamed asparagus, broccoli – maybe some avocado!



After such a hearty breakfast, I will go for a light lunch such as soup! Nothing quite beats a good soup! I usually make a big pot and freeze half ready to defrost another week. I usually opt for tomato soup, chicken soup, beetroot soup, brocolli and cheese soup, vegetable soup – the list is endless! Just pick your flavor and away you go.



By now I’m feeling quite hungry, so I’ll cook up a stir… stir-fry that is! Chuck in your favorite veg into a wok and hey presto!

During the course of both days I’ll snack on healthy things like edamame beans, banana, low fat rice cakes. Anything that isn’t sweets or crisps. Junk food tolerance- ZERO!

Of course, you should always allow yourself on guilt free meal at least once a week.. mine seems to be pizza 🙂 I sit and eat the whole huge thing to myself with extra cheese and extra sauce – yum!

What are your healthy eating routines? Feel free to share!

Love BWC xoxo