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toni duggan

Britons have spoken, Toni Duggan voted the sexiest female footballer from the 2015 England FIFA squad.

IllicitEncounters.com the UK’s largest married dating site polled 600 of its male members and found Toni Duggan to be the sexiest England footballer in the World Cup with 17% of the vote, followed by Alex Greenwood (14%) and Katie Chapman (10%).

The England Lionesses suffered a tragic defeat against Japan last night, but amidst the devastation the women can take consolation in the knowledge that they’re still getting their male fans hot under the collar. Although more bad news for Laura Bassett who ended the semi-finals by kicking the ball into their own goal, she only came in at 1% in the poll.

Winger Toni Duggan topping the poll comes as no surprise – she’s an obvious winner. Duggan is a stunning blonde bombshell with a figure to die for. It seems that blondes are favourite, with Alex Greenwood and Katie Chapman both donning blonde hair.

Ricky a member on the site said “Women playing sports is just so hot, it puts them in league with men and I think we respect them all the more for it. Someone faster, better and stronger than you – who still looks feminine and sexy, er, what more could you want? Put any man in a room with Toni Duggan and dare them not to flirt – very few could stop themselves. I’d learn to do a 1,000 kick up’s in a row to bag a date with a footballer, no other body can measure that kind of fitness.”

Claire Page spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com said “It’s official: the lionesses are making British men roar! Forget the World Cup loss, we’re still team GB! The ladies have done us proud getting to the semi-finals and now we will celebrate them in style.

Can you be surprised our men find these incredible women attractive? It’s standard practice that footballers train hard to remain strong and lean, and the girls are fit on and off the pitch! Naturally this means they will have outstanding figures, and it seems that our British men think so too!

Toni Duggan deserves to come in first place, she is glamorous and sporty – this is a mix that doesn’t come around often, and boy is it attractive.”
Top 5 Sexiest Female Footballers

Toni Duggan 17%
Alex Greenwood 14%
Katie Chapman 10%
Jodie Taylor 8%
Alex Scott 6%