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OK. I have something new to share with all of you, I just wish I had stumbled upon this sooner!

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Recently I’ve been getting really dry skin from my moisturizer, not only that but it’s been a little irritable and patchy, bear in mind I’ve been using the same cream for the last 15-20 odd years and never had a problem.

Figuring it may go away of it’s own accord, I continued using my body cream unaware that it may be the cause of the issue. After seeing my GP on a routine check up I brought up the skin irritation and they told me it could quite possibly be that my skin has become more sensitive and although there are not many studies done in this area my GP said from experience she had a similar issue. She recommended I use E45 cream which many people with sensitive skin use.

I tried the cream but found it very heavy and didn’t enjoy my moisturizing routine anymore, it didn’t smell appealing and made me feel sticky rather than cleansed.

After a few weeks of using E45 and being meagerly satisfied with it’s effect, a good friend of mine told me to put the cream down and go natural.

Go natural? What do you possibly mean I said to her, and she recommended I buy pure coconut oil and use only this to moisturize with. It has no added chemicals and smells divine, not only that – it lasts for ages and is very cheap to buy.


Off I went to Holland and Barrets where the tub was on offer half price, at £7.50, but I’ve found you can get two tubs off that for the same price if you buy online.


I cannot tell you how much I love this product. It smells gorgeous, it feels natural and easy to apply, my skin has never felt or looked better! I am just so impressed and cannot believe it’s taken me this long to hear about it. Coconut oil isn’t just used as moisturizer either – it can be used for cooking and as a hair replinishment treatment too – how handy.

It’s really got me wanting to get more involved with natural products so if you do have any recommendations let me know.

Love BWC xoxo