A new survey shows that adulterers indulge in long-distance affairs, with some travelling thousands of miles to see their lovers.

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IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s largest married dating website surveyed 672 of it’s members and found that the average distance an affair seeker normally travels is 30 miles.However the distance the adulterer would prefer to travel is 90 miles.

The study also revealed that the average number of affairs a customer has is 4 with little difference between genders.

Only 9% of members said they would prefer to travel under 15 miles for an affair with many members stating that they don’t want romantic liaisons too close to their own doorstep.

Some members admitted travelling as far as 5,000 miles to enjoy their fling.

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James, a member of the site said “I actually travel to the South of France to see my partner. She’s a British expat living in Nice. My wife thinks I go to visit our holiday home in Bordeaux on the odd weekend, to have some time to myself.  I do stop off at Bordeaux, make sure a neighbour sees me and then I fly straight to Nice. This kind of affair suits me the best, the further the better – you have your own little reality you can tap in and out of, totally different life unbeknownst to anyone you care about. Seeing someone close to home would put me on constant alert, the anxiety of getting caught out wouldn’t make the affair worth it. Plus, where would you go to see your date, to a seedy hotel? At least we can go for a walk along the beach or to a nice restaurant.”

Claire Page of IllicitEncounters.com said ‘Of course people having an affair would prefer there to be more distance between them and their lover – because it’s more discrete! Nobody wants to air their dirty laundry in their garden for all to see; and travelling to meet your lover means you don’t have to. I have found more affair-seekers are broadening their search criteria based on location – people tend to travel for a variety of reasons. Plenty of professionals on the site will also travel because of work – always moving from city to city can get lonely sometimes, they’re now searching for other like-minded people to keep them company on their travels. Adulterers are choosing to travel further to elude capture – it makes perfect sense.”

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