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With election fever gripping the nation, IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading married dating website, has released data revealing the UK’s most unfaithful constituencies.

ElectionInfidelity.com cross-references the data of almost 1 million adulterers against the constituency they are in to reveal the illicit political hotspots within the United Kingdom.

Whilst conservatives are the most unfaithful voters, 4 of the top 5 most illicit constituencies are Labour:

1 Nottingham South Labour
2 South Cambridgeshire Conservative
3 Greenwich and Woolwich Labour
4 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne East Labour
5 Leyton and Wanstead Labour

Overall, Conservatives just pipped Labour to the post with the most unfaithful constituencies with a ranking of 13.67% against Labour’s 13.08%

Scotland has fared very well with only one constituency within the top 20. SNP voters also came in low with a ranking of only 8%

The most faithful constituency was Leigh in Greater Manchester.

Spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com Simon Francis said: “The results speak for themselves with the mainstream constituencies having the most unfaithful voters. What’s interesting is that smaller parties came in so low suggesting that the same moral compass that guides our personal lives is also prevalent within our voting habits. But if you can’t trust Labour or Conservative to stay faithful then how can we trust them to run our country.”

To see how your faithful your constituency is go to www.electioninfidelity.com
How the Data Works

The number of people cheating in each constituency was calculated using the postcode data of 995,000 members of IllicitEncounters.com. This was then ran against the number of people eligible to vote in each constituency to give a percentage or Infidelity Index for that area.

The party ranking was calculated by taking the party holding the seat in the constituency of all our members.

Seat party holder is based on who won the seat in the 2010 General Election.
Overall Party rankings