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The UK’s largest extra-marital affairs dating website IllicitEncounters.com has released figures that suggest that those working in finance are most likely to have an affair then say those working in Government (3%) or in Engineering (6%).

Out of the 20 listed occupational fields a staggering 18% of active members have selected Financial Services as their occupation, indicating that bankers are currently the top cheating profession. The site is seeing more people from the financial sector seeking an affair, with an 8% increase of members joining IllicitEncounters.com since January this year.

Interestingly only 2% of active members are tradesmen opposing the myth that tradesmen have a womanising reputation. It is in face bankers that are laughing all the way to the bank.

Bankers are inherently designed to cheat, according to a study published in November last year in the journal Nature by Alain Cohn Ernst Fehr and André Maréchal. The study concluded that bankers are more likely to lie when conditioned into discussing their job beforehand.

John a member of IllicitEncounters.com and banker says “The banking industry is very fast paced and stress levels can be sky high when dealing with such a vast amount of money on a daily basis. It is an aggressive environment and the only way I seem to be able to relieve the tension is by sleeping with a string of women that are not my wife. When I’m going on a date after work I still feel cocky and ballsy with an answer for everything, but when I go home and see my wife I’m relaxed and can be the loving and attentive husband she needs me to be.”

Spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com Claire Page says “Bankers can switch at the flip of a coin depending on what situation they find themselves in and they seem to be able to compartmentalise their private and professional life. Those working in the banking sector make the perfect affair candidates. They already know how to keep a secret and the financial security means they can afford the luxury of having an affair.

Fraudulent and irresponsible activity has been the trademark of bankers in recent years, with the economic crisis and Libor scandal, so taking this into their personal lives comes as no real surprise. Bankers are not one to miss out on an opportunity!

You would think that tradesmen, coming from such a masculine role, would be more likely to want to take a lover; after all the likelihood of being wolf whistled at in the street by a builder is higher than say, being approached by a man that is suited and booted. Although, the results speak for themselves”

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