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Intelligent people are most likely to have affairs, especially women, according to IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading married dating site.

The website looked at the educational qualifications of its nearly 1 million members in the UK. The findings show that 72% of female members have higher education qualifications of Bachelor’s Degrees or above whereas male members fared slightly lower with 65%.

Education, however, was not a standalone factor when analyzing a person’s intelligence. The website also cross examined the profiles of 500 currently active members of IllicitEncounters.com and found that 61% spoke more than one language, 48% described themselves as ‘creative’ and 34% ran their own business.

The majority of members on the site are in senior professions and earning high salaries (either in the higher rate or additional rate tax band), it is clear that intelligence impacts success.

“Appearing to have a successful life immediately makes you more desirable.” Claire Page, spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com said, “It is unsurprising that successful people are faced with temptation when others are instantly attracted to them. Successful people tend to be high earners who have the financial means to indulge in an additional discrete relationship. They are also natural problem solvers and better negotiators who are more likely to take calculated risks – if they see a problem in their marriage but for whatever reason they cannot or do not want to leave, the obvious solution is to have an affair!”

The rise in women choosing to cheat on their spouses could be due to women choosing to focus on their careers and have children later in life, with the average age of women having kids currently at 30 years old. With better financial stability and less commitment, wives choosing to have an affair are on the increase.

The National Opinion Research Centre’s General Social Survey of American Society 2013 confirmed there has been an increase in women having affairs by 40%, while men having affairs remained consistent at 21%. IllicitEncounters.com has also seen an increase of 18% of female members joining the site in the last 12 months alone. With better financial stability, better education and less commitments, attached women choosing to take on another lover are on the rise.

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