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I thought I would share with you an advert by weight loss company Protein World that has recently come under scrutiny for body shaming. Women are currently protesting the controversial ad declaring that it is fat shaming and promoting women to think negatively about their body shape.

Currently there is an event planned for this weekend in Hyde Park which has been organised by  Fiona Longmuir and Tara Costello, who earlier this week posed in their bikinis in front of the ad in a London tube station to comment that everybody who goes to the beach is beach ready, irregardless of their size.

beach body

Although personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with the advert, I believe the model they used looks healthy and proportionate and I also don’t think the tag ‘Are you beach body ready?’ is meant to come across as negative. However, I also applaud the girls for their bravery to strip down to their bikinis to make their point that everybody needs to be comfortable in their own skin and for putting their point across.

It is the company’s reaction that has had a lasting impact on me, with their Twitter page responding to the backlash very negatively, such as telling women that as feminists nobody takes them seriously.
protein worldThe CEO of Protein World has also called those defacing the adverts “terrorists” who “shout a lot”.


The event to protest the advert is on May the 4th in Hydepark and is calling women of all shapes and sizes to come in their bikinis and show that any figure is beach worthy! Will you be attending?

Love BWC xoxo