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A recent study conducted by IllicitEncounters.com reveals Gardeners as the top seduction fantasy for women. The married affairs site surveyed 1500 female members asking them who they would most like to seduce, and gardeners came on top with a shocking 37% of the vote.


The question posed was ‘Out of the following 7 people whom you may come in contact with in your house at some stage, who would you most like to seduce’

Gardener – 37%

Electrician – 16%

Locksmith – 7%

Plumber – 3%

Milkman – 4%

Postman – 14%

Window Cleaner – 19%
The notion of a female seducing a man is not a new concept. Call her what you want, the temptress, the femme fatale, the succubus – we are finding that the seductress adulteress is surely becoming a thing. With 1080 – 72% of the females questioned admitting they have actively pursued a man with the intention to seduce him. A-lister Eva Mendes brought the gardener fantasy into popularity when in Desperate Housewives her character enjoyed an illicit encounter with John Rowland the gardener – it seems the fantasy is just as relevant now as it was then.

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Spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com, Claire Page said “In between the school run and the housekeeping– how else is a lonely housewife supposed to get her kicks? Move over horticulture it’s all about hottie-courier, and why not deliver yourself a hunk to your doorstep? Everybody knows the uniform of choice for a gardener is topless, mowing your seemingly endless lawn in the sunshine, of course women are going to fantasize that he tends to another sort of garden.”

“The other professions on the list also evoke a very different scene, with Electricians and Plumbers we envision an ‘indoor’ fantasy, but with the gardener it is ‘outdoor’ – entirely free and uninhibited. The idea of an outdoor affair taps into a woman’s inner exhibitionist and voyeuristic fetishes – making gardeners a very obvious choice for a lover. After all, there is a wheelbarrow in the kamasutra for a reason!”

Love BWC xoxo