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Fear-is-a-liar I’ve recently come back from a holiday where I forced myself to combat a fear of heights to go zip lining with my family. It took a lot of persuasion for me to face my fear, and in the end I was so grateful that I had put stepped out of my comfort zone because I had an amazing time. 894292529b23066e7050e3c52ef61990 It really got me thinking that the element of fear really prohibits us from expanding on life experiences. I know for sure that I have previously not done things because I’ve been a little afraid of the possible consequences. There’s been times where I wish I said something to be noticed, or said something to stick up for myself – all because of being fearful of the embarrassment it may cause. I think fear prevents you from doing many things in life, but what are you really afraid of? I’ve started off a little mantra in my head to get me through the things I’m scared of, this is the only reason I threw myself off those trees and zip lined through the forest – today I’m going to share this mantra with you and hopefully you will do something out of your comfort zone today! FEAR is not a WALL, FEAR is but an OBSTACLE. fear Once I started to believe that fear was only a hurdle that I needed to jump over not a concrete wall that would hurt me – I began to embrace it. I accepted the adrenaline the fear gave me and went for it all guns blazing. Fear is an obstacle. Think of it as a worthy opponent that you have to defeat, and believe me once you get over that hurdle you will be so ecstatic it’s unreal. 5-handling-success   Face a Fear Today.   Love BWC xoxo