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Sometimes ambitions we used to hold very dear turn into distant dreams. The longer time passes by, the less likely we are to ever achieve these goals- especially if motivation is lacking. Humans have an inherent ability to settle – you find a good paying job that is stable but not rewarding and you are likely to stay. You meet a man who makes you feel reasonably secure but lacks a physical connection- you will still most likely stay. We’ve been taught that quitting things is bad, if you decide to abandon something it means you have failed. But removing yourself from something that is making you unhappy isn’t failing – it is actually very progressive – it means you have recognized that you want something different and have the determination to do something about it. Reflection is the first step to reaching your potential – reflecting on what you have, what you want and lastly how you’re going to get it. You want a change in your life? You’re going to have to make it happen. You’ve probably heard that ‘good things come to those who wait’, I say that is a load of old rubbish – if you want something go after it right now – nothing is going to fall into your lap if you don’t seek opportunities around you.


In order to have a fulfilling and happy life you need to listen to yourself and figure out what will help propel you in you endeavors. There are certain steps you can take to organize your mind and learn what it is that can potentially change your life for the better.



As I’ve previously mentioned- reflection is the key. Take an afternoon to yourself where you shut yourself off from the world and think! Maybe turn on some relaxing music, make a nice hot cup of coffee and get a notepad – start writing everything down! A brainstorm is always a good place to start – write down everything that comes to mind – things that you’ve done, thing’s that you wish you had done! Before you know it you will have a vague idea of where to start. Think about everything you have done in your life, everything you’re doing now, and everything you would like to do.

Be Pro-Active


Now that you have a better understanding of what you want – begin to contemplate on how you’re going to get it. So, for example, you want to teach children to swim at the local leisure center? Go look up the course you need to qualify and APPLY! Literally, the first step to reaching your full potential is to START DOING WHAT YOU WANT. Don’t just talk about it, but actually go for it.

Accept Change


A hurdle you will have to get over is change. When you commit to change you need to embrace it. You need to be sure of yourself and your abilities in order to feel comfortable doing new. Remember that nervousness can easily transpire into excitement – feed that energy into your ventures. A change in life will inspire a change in you – and most importantly – for the better. People love to be surrounded by others who are pro-active and have new things to talk about – well done! That person is now you, enjoy it!

Love BWC xoxo