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People having affairs have helped the economy with a boost of over £1.2 billion, and a stronger economy means more people are having affairs, according to married dating website IllicitEncounters.com. The current strength of Britain’s economy has to thank the adulterers who have injected the country with money.


George Osborne has told MPs “Britain is walking tall again” after five years of coalition government. Since the coalition government took over from Labour 525,248 new members have joined IllicitEncounters from the 1st March 2010 to 1st March 2015, seeking affairs. Currently, there are over 987,713 members on the site.

“We have almost 1 million members who have greatly contributed to the nation’s economic strength,” Simon Francis, CEO for IllicitEncounters.com said, “Affairs inject huge funds into society. Hotels, dinners, drinks, flights, presents and extra phones all add up.

“Smaller, struggling hotels and restaurants benefit the most from adulterers – their popularity is because of their discretion. Bigger, more popular hotels and restaurants are busier and have an increased risk of lovers being seen by someone they know. Affairs should be silent, hidden and discrete but the great affairs, the ones to remember, don’t come cheaply, which is why most of our members are richer, better educated and more successful than the average person – and pay more tax. Osborne’s budget has hugely benefited from all of the adulterers across the UK.”

A room at the Ritz starts at £380, Travelodge is from £155, the Hilton is from £201, while the Marriott starts at £265. The average IllicitEncounters member spends £3,255 a year on their mistress which adds £1.2 billion to the UK economy (larger than the GDP of Belize).

Although affairs help the economy, a strong economy also helps affairs. It’s a cycle of benefits. When an economy’s confidence grows, so does people’s belief that they can stray without getting caught. The number of wives and husbands who have signed up to dating websites behind their partner’s back have swelled in the past five years. 78% of members on IllicitEncounters.com say their marriage has improved since having an affair.

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