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Now the clocks have gone forward the days are getting longer which means… MORE SUNSHINE! OK, so it’s still a tad chilly, but with the right outdoor attire there’s plenty you can start doing outdoors. Springs begun and there are blossoms on trees – on my street the trees are all sprouting pink! mAw5MfA

We have a lovely bank holiday weekend coming up so I thought I would compile a list of fun things to do indoors – and outdoors providing the weather remains fruitful!


Spring has Sprung and that only means one thing- Easter fun! Why not decorate eggs with the children? It can be a activity for all the family to enjoy. There’s two ways you can enjoy this – either cook boiled eggs and paint them then you can enjoy them during Easter breakfast! Or you can hollow the eggs out, tie a piece of string through and make easter egg decorations – the choice is yours!

christmas-as-easter-decorations-500x3332. Sports Day

The fun doesn’t have to stop there – you could hold a sports day and invite friends and family to join in. There’s plenty of activities to get you going. Here’s a short list of ideas to get you started:

– The three legged race


– The egg and spoon race


– A game of rounders


– Skipping Challenge

High Skips

– Javelin Throw


– Hurdles


– Assault Course


3. Make a Nest


Another DIY project. Spring is a time in which birds begin to hatch new little baby birds! This also means that they will be building nests to home their newborn chicks. You can find items around the house or in the park to make a little birds nest and rest it in a tree. You could even make your own DIY bird feeder to attract your new found feathery friends.

4. Treasure Hunt


Host a treasure hunt either in the garden or around the house. It is a known fact that children love a good scavenger hunt. Here’s a link to some cool treasure hunt clues and answers!

5. Baking


Alas, if the weather fails spectacularly – make cookies and have a jug of milk at the ready.

Love BWC xoxo