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It’s Spring! Yay! Flowers are blossoming, birds are singing, and life is well and truly beginning! Wow, I’m full of happiness and charm today. So ready for a change in season. As of the 20th of March we are officially in Spring – that only calls for one thing: A Spring Clean!

An old tradition that begs the phrase, out with the old in with the new! It’s time to bring your house in order and start packing up all those winter belongings. I tend to follow a certain way of organizing myself this time of year, and I thought I would share it with you.

1. Firstly, begin by organizing the clutter that is visible. Does everything look slightly misplaced at the moment? Box it! Find a place for everything that is looking rather disorderly at the moment. I usually begin with cosmetics and toiletries here then when I’m working on the kids rooms the next thing to go is the toys- throw away stuff that isn’t used, and sort out the things you want to keep. Don’t be sentimental, be strict with what needs to go!

2. Now it’s time for the big clean. Arm yourself with with cleaning supplies and rubber gloves and get rid of any dirt or dust that seems to have made itself at home. Go forth and clean!

3. Cupboards! This may seem like something you can put off – but believe me you will seriously thank yourself for tidying in places you can’t see. Take everything out you have stored throw out what you don’t need, replace what you do.

3. Organize your paperwork. Your study seems to have gone through it’s own World War Three and it’s high time you get your things in order. Now that your things have all been put away neatly, you can focus on the mountain pile of letters, envelopes, loose notes and diaries.

4. Clothes! This is the fun part – go through wardrobes and see what you have outgrown and outworn and pack it up to be sent to the closest charity shop. Once you have determined what goes and what stays – you can then begin packing up your winter coats into storage, and get your spring/summer collection out.

5. Clean! I know we’ve already done this, but go over the house one last time. Focusing particularly on surfaces, floors, windows and doors 🙂 This doesn’t need to be as intense as step one, but it’s always worth going around one last time to make sure everything really is spick and span.

6. You’ve worked so hard, your muscles are aching, your hairs in knots and your pretty sure you now permanently smell of bleach. Go have a shower, get yourself looking your best and go pick up some home decor to add that finishing touch to all your hard work. Get some pretty vases and flowers and put them around the house to brighten each room. Well done you!

Love BWC xoxo