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Today’s post is all about projecting positivity from the inside out. Usually it is an internal battle that disallows you from seeing things from a positive perspective > spurred on from external influences. In order to begin feeling happier within yourself, you need to train your brain to think a certain way – remembering that you cannot always change your situation but you can begin to learn how to change the way you react to things. The key lesson to learn here is – if you can’t change your circumstance, change your attitude.

Here is a 6 step guide to Positive Thinking!

1. Don’t Indulge Negative Thoughts

If you find yourself feeling hopeless about something, try not to dwell on it. Accept that you are feeling the way you are and try to find an immediate solution on how to make yourself feel better then and there. The first step to progress is acceptance – talk yourself up rationally. If something’s happened to create a feeling of upset, acknowledge that it is a natural feeling for you to feel sad about it, then let it go! You could even say it out loud ‘I know that I am feeling sad about this, I accept that it is normal, I have decided I will not allow myself to continue obsessing – thank you for giving me the strength to let go’

2. Say YES!

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Rather than thinking ‘I can’t’ say ‘I can.’ If you tell yourself YES with conviction you will begin to believe it. Channel your inner determination and fight to stay motivated.

3. Smile

It is common knowledge that smiling makes you feel instantly better – even if you are forcing yourself to. When I was a fair bit younger I worked in a call center where there were actual signs that said ‘Smile while you dial!’ – when your smiling you will find your body language and tone of voice will change – confidence always peaks when your smiling.

4. Do Something You Enjoy

I know when your not feeling yourself it’s very easy to slot into the thought process that nothing could possibly make you feel happy. Try to refrain from this type of thinking. For example if you aren’t feeling like going to the gym today, force yourself to go – I guarantee you once your doing your favorite yoga class you will be feeling much better that you didn’t just stay indoors sulking.

5. Listen to Music

If your really feeling down, put on a song that will make you happy. Music helps channel and change your emotions! Music is a quick and sure remedy that will help balance out any negative thought.

6. Speak to a Close Friend

The old saying rings true here ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’. Pick up the phone, go meet your friend, you can share whatever it is your feeling and your friend can help you work through it – that’s what friends are for!

7. Tell Yourself You Love Yourself

Say it! Say it now! ‘I Love Myself’ Say it over and over again. In a little while you’ll probably even have a little giggle to yourself – yeah it may sound silly, but your saying it, and you will begin to mean it! I LOVE MYSELF!

Love BWC xoxo