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Mercedes and Mini Coopers are the most common cars driven by Britain’s adulterers, according to a new study by IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s top married dating site. The top car for female members is a Mini Cooper with 19.5% of the votes, while the most popular car for male members is a Mercedes with 23% of the votes. If your spouse drives a Toyota they’re less likely to be having an affair, because the two cars driven least by adulterers are a Prius (0.41% of votes) or a Yaris (0.82%).


The Cars Driven Most by Female Adulterers Percentage
1. Mini Cooper 19.5%
2. Audi 18.71%
3. Mercedes 11.57%
4. BMW 8.37%
5. Volkswagen 6.19%
The Cars Driven Most by Male Adulterers Percentage
1. Mercedes 23%
2. BMW 18.71%
3. Jaguar 11.57%
4. Bentley 8.37%
5. Audi 6.19%

“It doesn’t surprise me that the top five cars most driven by male adulterers are all luxury cars,” Claire Page spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com said “Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Bentley and Audi all top the list because our typical male member is better educated, earns more and is more successful than the average British male. Our male members tend to have a lot of disposable income. Annual male membership prices range from £999.99 to £2,040. If they can afford this they’ll most likely have the best of everything in life, including a mistress! Mercedes Benz is the most adulterous car in Britain, their branding clearly depicts this sort of lifestyle – all their advertising sells sex. They’ve had ads banned on numerous occasions and their Superbowl commercial featured a Playmate. It’s no wonder Merc-drivers tend to be men looking for an affair to improve their sex lives!”


“In the same way that a dog takes on the personality of its master, cars tend to reflect personality traits of their owner.” Claire Page said “Interestingly, 68% of men said they associated a ‘flirtatious’ personality with Mini drivers, and this prejudice rang true with it being the car driven most by female adulterers.”

The Cars Driven Least by Adulterers
1. Toyota – Prius 0.41%
2. Toyota – Yaris 0.82%
3. Kia – Rio 1.02%
4. Ford – Fiesta 1.14%
5. Nissan – Micra 1.26%

The Prius is largely associated with being boring and safe. In Will Ferrell’s The Other Guys, it’s referred to as a ‘tampon on wheels’. This stereotype seems to be accurate in this study because those driving a Prius tend to be the most faithful, securing only 0.41% of votes, 56 times less than Mercedes drivers!

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