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Market leader in married online dating site Illicit Encounters has released data which comprises a similarity between personality traits and drink of choice. Screening 3,000 of its members, Illicit Encounters found that we judge people on what drink they order and some liquors harbor negative affiliations. 74% of the 3,000 surveyed members said they could tell more about a person by what they drink than two minutes of small chat.

The study indicates that posher drinks suggest a higher caliber of class. We think James Bond was on the right track with his choice of spirit, and so do 72% of members who matched the word Suave to the classic Martini; let’s face it, every woman on the planet who hears Daniel Craig say ‘Shaken not stirred’ finds him completely irresistible. The cheaper less sophisticated drinks such as lager are associated with beer guzzling loudmouths with 89% relating the word Boisterous to Beer. We may enjoy our poison of choice – but what does it actually say about our taste, or lack-there-of?

Spokesperson for Illicit Encounters Claire Page said “There has always been a social stigma to certain alcoholic drinks. If you think of the typical soccer fan watching a home game at the local stadium, you’d assume he’s got a pint of Fosters in his hand; on the flipside if you consider the drink of choice for a lawyer and his circle of socialites, it’s more likely a bottle of Dom Perignon. It’s a good idea to learn what drink stereotypes are associated with personality traits so you know what to order for a prospective partner, and you don’t offend a classy woman by buying her a pint of Budweiser on your first date!”

Let’s have some fun here!



Women on Men: Cheap and tasteless. Doesn’t have sex at home and his kids are disappointments- he drowns himself in copious amounts of beer way past closing time.

Men on Women: Laddish and boisterous, a wears the trousers-kind-of-girl. Often thought of as one of the lads.

Red Wine


Women on Men: Awkward loner. He is a fan of emasculating sex, involving bondage as well as voyeurism. Refers to his musical tastes as eclectic. Remains reserved until an opportunity arises for him to talk about art house Swedish movies.

Men on Women: Pretentious and uninviting. Keeps her man on a tight leash making all executive decisions including when, how, and for how long they have sex. Has an obsessive compulsive tendency.

White Wine


Women on Men: Cocksure and presumptuous. Will settle down when hell freezes over. Has an inflated ego and drones on about his many sexual pursuits. Conversations with him are dominated by innuendos.

Men on Women: Intelligent and dauntless with an air of grace. Has exceptionally high standards and won’t settle. Will dismiss you if you cannot keep up with an intellectual conversation.



Women on men: Charming, cheeky and old fashioned. Has an awful lot of pride but needs validation of his masculinity.

Men on Women: Attention seeking and forward. Bit of an exhibitionist. She enjoys an audience, particularly of the opposite sex.



Women on men: Tosser

Men on Women: Socialite



Women on men: He’s Gay.

Men on Women: Cheeky minx. Independent, but very high maintenance. City dweller who was career focussed in her 20s and is now single in her 30s.

Bloody Mary


Women on men: Artistic extrovert. Has an open relationship with his long-distance Estonian girlfriend. Inhabits a converted warehouse; with a bunch of hipster friends.

Men on Women: Eccentric and loud. Has waltzed in 2 hours late, wearing killer heels and yesterdays outfit. Has her best girlfriend on speed-dial for speedy exits. 

Rum & Coke


Women on men:  Notorious philanderer. Has a bank balance to match his ego. Likes to flash his cash and spoil the women in his life.

Men on Women: Interesting and outspoken. She is very composed opinionated.

Gin and Tonic


Women on men: Educated and endearing. He possesses a calm and tolerant manner. Has a healthy and happy home and an agreeable wife.

Men on Women: Straight talking and self assured. Knows what she wants and how to get it.



Women on men: Suave. Has an extremely likable personality. Arrives with his stunning girlfriend and spends the night introducing her to important business associates while telling fascinating stories.

Men on Women: Untamed and decisive. Likes to leave her options open and if somebody decent comes along she will make her intentions clear.

Love BWC xoxo