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When I first moved in with my partner, he didn’t always seem to enjoy sleeping in the same bed together. I would sometimes wake in the middle of the night to find he had gone and fallen asleep on the sofa in the living room. It took him a very long time to begin to sleep through the night without getting uncomfortable. His excuse used to be that he wanted to starfish across the bed and with me there he couldn’t! He remained adamant that our sleeping arrangements looked something like this:

 Modern double bed with bedside tables

I must admit… he was probably right!

It’s taken us awhile to get to a comfortable way of sleeping together. Now when we go to bed we sleep on our sides facing away from each other. Some might argue that isn’t a normal way for a married couple to sleep – but I disagree! I think whatever way you choose to sleep has a little bit of meaning behind your relationship and isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Here are my thoughts of types of sleeping arrangements between couples, I’ll start off with my own.

Sleeping Not Facing


I think this is a stage where you are both content in having your own space but are comfortable enough with each-other not to feel bad about it! Both parties get a good nights sleep and there’s no rules about having a little cuddle before you turn over. Tends to happen later on in a relationship.

I will never let you go


I personally find this sleep suffocating. Happens at the early stages of a relationship when you cannot express your love enough – excessive amounts of PDA and over touching.

The protective cuddle


This one can be lovely from time to time. You may have had a great day, a great chat or a great experience. You go to bed and you just want to hold or be held. Very affectionate and comforting.

Mine Mine Mine


This one just screams ‘YOU ARE THE ONE’, and is a little soppy. Nice for a pre-bed snuggle; but does anyone actually sleep like this? All I can think of is how the man must have a dead arm by now!

The Nobody Sleeps Like This


Seriously. Nobody sleeps like this. Who could possible sleep like this?


Love BWC xoxo