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New research released today by Illicit Encounters, the UK’s top married dating site, shows that British women would sleep with Mike Tindall over any other English rugby player. The Yorkshire native scooped 23% of the votes from 1,000 surveyed women, beating Jonny Wilkinson (21%), Owen Farrell (16%), Danny Care (15%) and Danny Cipriani (13%). The least shag-able player was Tom Youngs with 0.6% (6) of the votes.


“Some people may find it surprising that Mike Tindall tops the list of English rugby players women want to sleep with,” Claire Page, spokesperson for Illicit Encounters said, “He looks a bit like a warped shoe but he’s also very funny and intelligent, as we’ve seen on his ITV interviews. I think the fact that he’s married to Zara Phillips is a huge attraction – a lot of women are very attracted to men who are with high profile or very good-looking women, even if he himself isn’t handsome. They sub-consciously think ‘If he’s got her, he must have a great personality or be great in bed!’ Putting that with his great physique, (I mean, he’s tall, broad and his upper body strength is so impressive, he’s able to bench press over 140 kg) it’s not hard to see why women across England find him so attractive!”

“Studies have shown generally women prefer dominant men,” psychologist Lucy Redford said, “and there is certainly something to be said about extremely muscular physiques triggering primal emotions of submissiveness in women. However, oftentimes there is actually a threshold of muscularity that can result in negative stereotyping once passed. Lack of depth, lack of intelligence, simple mindedness, aggressiveness, insecurity, and narcissism are all perceived traits that people prejudge in bodybuilders. However, Mike Tindall has proven on numerous interviews he is much more than this – he’s calm under pressure, skilled, passionate on the field and has a great sense of humour. Being witty goes a long way, with both sexes!”

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