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New research pulled by Illicit Encounters suggests that running can prolong your sex life! The research surveyed 1,000 members of Illicit Encounters over the age of 50 who have sex more than once a fortnight, and 1,000 members over the age of 50 who have sex less than once a fortnight or no longer have sex. Of the 1,000 members who have regular sex, 61% of them (613) jog once or twice a week, while 24% of them (236) jog three times or more a week. A staggering 895 of those who don’t jog or do exercise also don’t have regular sex!

Beautiful young woman runner in a green forest.

“The health benefits of jogging are fantastic!” said Chris O’Connor, personal trainer “It’s great for diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis because it helps the joints and bones, as well as improving cardiovascular fitness, and of course weight loss. People don’t realize there are a lot of mental benefits to running. It’s the number one natural solution to depression and anxiety because your body releases endorphins when you jog – that’s why so many people get addicted. It makes sense that people who jog regularly have a better sex life than those who don’t. When you jog you have more energy, you’re more flexible, you have better breathing and stamina, your testosterone levels increase – of course you’re going to have sex more often!”


Maybe there is something to it. Could couples who jog together stay together? I guess that’s another post folks!

Love BWC xoxo