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A friend of mine has recently introduced me to some home exercises to get myself back into shape following a cold winter and much gorging. Now we’re fair distance away from Christmas, I think it’s high time to get back into shape. When I first received the challenge I was gobsmacked at how intensive it gets over the course of a month. For example the Abs Challenge starts off with 15 sit ups on day 1 and goes up to 125 sit ups by day 30… really? The squat challenge looked just as intimidating to me, beginning at 50 squats and working up to 250 squats by day 30. My face dropped when I saw the task ahead, I thought I couldn’t possibly achieve what is being asked of me here. However, I am now on day 8 and it really is getting easier- with a rest day every 3 days you really are giving your body a chance to recover and with each week you will be feeling stronger. I’ve attached the two challenges I have embarked on below, including the daily exercises you need to do to break it down further. Why not give it a go? If you find you are having a little trouble with the amount of reps you need to do, just do the challenge but halveĀ the numbers from the very beginning! Good luck!


For the squat challenge, here is a video that best shows you how to execute the squat properly:

For the Daily Abs exercises you will need to know how to do the following:

Sit Ups


Leg Raises


Athleta-Squat-Challenge 30-day-ab-challenge

Love BWC xoxo