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Half-term is in full swing, days of doing the school run feel like a distant memory now. Although it’s been nice to be out of a routine of sorts- it’s now starting to be a losing battle on how to entertain the kids. The first few days were bliss- but now your children are getting bored and causing havoc! Ah! Panic. No, don’t panic 🙂 I have the perfect half-term solutions that are free or cheap and fun for all the family. It’s good to get creative here with the recent unpredictable weather, so without further ado here is a list of things to do come rain or shine.



Vue cinema does great weekend and holiday deals called Kids AM for just £1.75 per child and the adult pays the same price, and 13-18 year old children receive 20% off. There’s some great kids flicks on right now, including Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots, Big Hero 6, Shaun the Sheep, Kingsmen: A Secret Service, Jupiter Ascending and Project Almanac. Make sure to check the age rating before booking any tickets. If you can’t get out to the cinema why not organize a movie night instead with plenty of popcorn!

Cultural Visit


Head to see a exhibition either at an Art gallery or at a local museum. Plenty museums will have half-term activities on and many of these are free to attend. For example the Southbank Centre in London is currently running the ‘Imagine Children’s Festival’ with free and ticketed events including theater and craft workshops.



On a sunnier day get out and about to a local park. With some warmer days expected maybe it’s time to brush the dust off your children’s bicycles and head out for a day of cycling around.

Arts and Crafts


Dress up in old clothes you don’t mind getting mucky and get out some art equipment. Make something together that you can then put up on display for the week. Perhaps make some hand puppets and let your kids put on a puppet show, or maybe spend the day painting some pictures. You could even pick up some cheap vases from a thrift store or recycle jars and let your children paint these- then pick some flowers and put them inside- my children loved making these hand painted gems the other day.

Car boot Sale


My kids really enjoy going to the carboot sale. I let them loose with a fiver each for the morning and see how far they can make it go. Later we like to see what treasures we have all picked up.

Board games 


Become mother-host for the afternoon and get those board games out. If you have not got any board games just pick up a pack of cards from the £ shop and enjoy a game of snap!



Need I say more? Children love to get involved in the kitchen. You can bake some cookies or cupcakes and let them loose with decorating them.



Get active! As mentioned before, you can always head down to the park for some fun. You can do so much here- organize a mini sports-day with the egg and spoon race or a friendly game of rounders. You can even go down to the local sports center for some swimming.

Visit Nany and Grandad


And if all else fails, pop round for a visit to the grandparents- they have plenty of experience in entertaining children after all and will appreciate you visiting.

Above all, have a fantastic week!

Love BWC xoxo