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Excuse the enthusiasm, but come on! Today is a day for food glorious food and I’ve already been at the cooker armed with a frying pan and with mouths to feed during this half term! Everything ready and down to a tee, the pancake mix perfect and all sorts of yummy goodness laid out on the table: sugary syrups, chocolate, cut up pieces of fruit! Organised chaos? You can say that again! I have spent the last hour clearing up the kitchen, washing golden syrup out of my daughters hair and pajamas that were the unintended target of exploding flour. Alas, it was worth it- the kids are now content on the sofa watching a movie. Peace and quiet at last.

If you’re looking to make some pancakes today you should try out one of these recipes by Jamie Oliver, just click HERE

There are some brilliant pancake ideas on there, including some of my favorites, have a look at some of this mouthwatering goodness!

Vegan blueberry pancakes


Breakfast pancakes


and my personal favorite… the Pancake cake!


Love BWC xoxo