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So, I’ve been doing some retail therapy and I thought I would share some of the weird and wonderful things I’ve found online. Things I’d probably be adverse to spending my hard earned money on- but would be happy for stupid cupid to get for me 😉

The Funny Ones:

Frog-to-Prince – £4.99

This one is just for gags. It is a frog that you add water to and it turns into a prince. Although I do imagine that if this is ALL I received as a gift, it would not be such a laughing matter.


Made with Love Sandwhich Bags – $4.99

Another novelty gift would be these sandwich bags covered in kisses.


Want, Want Want:

Lush Legend Gift Box : £123.95

Comes with 27 bestselling products.


His and Her Mugs : £14.83

These are just so cute. Love them.


Heart Shaped Cheese : £17.45

OK. What’s not to love? It’s cheese-in-the-shape-of-a-heart!!!


Nike Fuel Band : £89

Excellent fitness gadget that tracks the intensity of your workouts, counts your daily steps and keeps you more motivated.

Bonsai Tree – $69.99

I’m a little biased here, my friend has a gorgeous bonsai tree and I’m jealous and would like one too!

Hawaiian Umbrella Tree Bonsai

Lingerie Art £200 +

These are pen on canvas sketches by artist Dara Vandor.

Love BWC xoxo