It’s the season of LOVE! And Valentines day is only a couple of days away.. eek! I’m super excited this year. There’s just something in the air around the 14th of February that just makes you feel all love-dovey, squishy and yummy. Yeah, so some people will say it is just a big marketing ploy and a great time for supermarkets to up the prices of novelty cards, teddies and chocolates! I say, boo to that. V-Day is a fun and flirty celebration- a chance to exchange gifts and whispers of sweet nothings. I’m totally won over having some romantic fun this weekend! How about you? Just in case you haven’t got your head around planning anything this year.. here is my top 8 Valentines day activities that are sure to get those pulses racing. Share any of your suggestions with me too- would love to hear them!

Weekend Break

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If a weekend getaway is an option- why not make it a Valentines Weekender! Have a little holiday romance and check out any city breaks on offer. Kiss beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris, stare into each others eyes aboard a gondola in the canals of venice, or perhaps share a smooch off-piste in Andorra. Be spontaneous and adventurous, make it a special weekend about the two of you.

Stay In


Sometimes it’s better to stay in then go out. Maybe your life is a little hectic and actually – you’ve both been looking forward to having a little peace from the outside world. Make a home cooked meal, get a nice bottle of wine and kick back with a great movie.

Reenact Your First Date


Go out somewhere sentimental. Maybe it’s the place you first met at, your first date, the first time you kissed- something memorable. It’s a great time to reminisce all of your happy memories and make you feel those butterflies again.

Get Active


Now it doing something physical doesn’t get your heart rate up- I don’t know what will! Find an activity to enjoy together, go skydiving, ice skating, go-karting, cycling – whatever floats your boat. Just be careful not to fall head-over-heels.



Or do the complete opposite and take it easy. Enjoy a couples spa day. Have a massage together and sip on champagne. You’ll both feel revitalized after and are bound to be in a great mood. It may be the well needed rest you need to enjoy each others company.


Buy tickets. Plane tickets, Theater tickets, Comedy tickets, Concert tickets: tickets tickets tickets! Tickets are great.


You can always keep it more traditional and go out for a fancy dinner. Get dressed up to the nines and hit the town. It’s a great time impress your partner by putting in the effort for the evening.


If all else fails, get very, very drunk and pretend you’re with George Clooney.

Love BWC xoxo