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Today is Red Tuesday, the biggest break up day of the year! *Gulp!* According to Illicit Encounters the period between Christmas and February is always a popular time for people to spring clean their love lives as well as their homes, but there is a sharp increase in people breaking up with their partners four days before Valentine’s Day. Out of 3,000 people surveyed on Illicit Encounters, one in five – 22% – had broken up with someone the week before Valentine’s Day.


“There are many different reasons people make such a drastic decision so close to Valentine’s Day,” said psychologist Lucy Redford, “Some people realise how much they don’t love someone with the romanticism in the air; some buckle under the pressure of committing; others think they can probably do better if they’re not happy and because Valentine’s Day is a national celebration, it’s hard to ignore. For a lot of couples, the 14th February brings them closer together and makes them realise how in love they are. For others, it’s a reminder of the cracks in their relationship. A lot of people cannot bear to be false and celebrate something that doesn’t exist, so they break up beforehand. It might seem quite cruel but it’s very emotionally damaging for a person to be in a relationship that’s not giving them anything positive. Staying when it’s not working can be a lot more toxic in the long run than going your separate ways.”6a012876c6c7fb970c017d41092e06970c-320wi

Here’s to hoping we all have a very uneventful Red Tuesday!

Love BWC xoxo