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It’s Sunday and the doctor has ordered some relaxation. Steer clear of the housework and disable your alarm clock- today you have scheduled absolutely nothing.

My plan for Sunday is as follows:

Sleep in


I have intentionally disabled all alarms in the house- my body clock will naturally wake me up early anyway- but I want to give my body the best possible chance to catch up on some well needed ZzZzZz When your feeling a little overworked it is  important to let your body sleep as long as it has to in order to recover.



It’s time to get my stretch on! I am going to give myself 20 minutes of exercises to give my body a good start to the day. I’ve subscribed to a couple of youtubers with excellent yoga for beginners techniques and I’m going to give them a try today. I’ve already bought myself a yoga mat and some yoga pants to give it a go.

Sunday Roast


Prepare your Sunday roast the night before, and all you will need to do is reheat it and steam some vegetables. Make a luscious gravy and hey presto- sorted! It’s not quite a Sunday without a roast.



Sunday is a good day to relax by the television with a cup of hot chocolate and the whole family.

I’d say today will make for a pretty productive day!

Love BWC xoxo