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Congratulations. You’ve made it to Friday people! It’s been a long and very cold week. It has been snowing all over the UK and you can really feel the chill. Now, with the freeze comes a few unwanted things, such as feeling cold and chapped lips! We’ve got the perfect winter warmers to get you in fighting shape this winter!

1. A hot cuppa


Drink plenty of warm liquids to keep yourself hydrated and warm. Now stick the kettle on and have yourself a hot cuppa. Or if tea and coffee aren’t to your taste, it’s never too late for a glass of mulled wine!

2. Hot broth


It’s the season of soup. Keep your energies up with some nutritious soups to keep you going. They are simple and cheap to make and a healthy lunch option.

3. Keep moisturized


Make sure you are using a product that lubricates and hydrates for the best effect. A good preventative measure for dry skin and chapped lips.


4. Take supplements to ward of colds and flus


The top supplements to take during the winter are Vitamin C and Zinc to ensure your immune system has a boost- this will be your shield from catching any illnesses.  Echinacea and Garlic are also known for helping ward of the common cold- so if you’re feeling a little off color these may just do the trick!


5. Dress appropriately.  


Make sure you have at least 2 pairs of the following:

– Boots that can withstand rain and frost

– Good pair of thick socks

– Gloves

– Scarfs

– Hats

– Jumpers

– Coats

Wear them! 

6. Exercise


The cold is not an excuse to stop exercising. If I can give you one piece of good advice this winter it is to keep up an exercise routine. Exercise can prevent you from getting unwell. Staying active will ensure your body is working at its optimal strength and you will be healthier in general due to sustaining a healthier lifestyle. Join the gym or go to a class. If that’s not an option you can always exercise at home watching youtube videos or by downloading an app!

Now go enjoy the weekend & Wrap up!

Love BWC xoxo