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I’ve had a hair-tastrophe over the weekend I thought I would share with you all as I am absolutely mortified by the experience. I had anticipated a subtle change to the tones in my hair by getting a few highlights- what I didn’t expect was for the hairdresser to go in and completely change my hair color from dark brown to platinum blonde.


Having left the salon in a slight daze, after expressing my shock that my hair was ‘really, really, really blonde.’ It finally hit me what had happened- my natural hair color was gone and I felt slightly stripped of my identity. Now, family and friends have attempted to console me and tell me how lovely my hair looks, however I don’t feel it suits me- so I’ve gone straight in and made a color correction appointment for the following week. On advice from blonde friends of mine I have gone to some effort to get my hair into the best condition possible before my next color. I thought I would share some tips and review shop bought products as well as home made remedies in case any of you ever find yourself in a similar conundrum. Let me take you on a journey of my last 48 hours.


The first thing I did was purchase some purple shampoo treatment to get rid of the brassy tones in my hair. My hair was completely yellow after the hairdressers and this really evened out the tone in my hair. You apply it to wet hair as you would shampoo and lather it in then let it rest for 2 minutes and wash out as normal. Upon letting my hair dry naturally it looked a  lot less yellow and a little more natural.

Secondly I have gone an a complete Heat Ban! No hairdryers, no straighteners and no curling irons. Back to towel drying hair and letting it dry by itself. no-hair-dryer

Next I have been using a substantial amount of Moroccan argon oil to try and replenish and moisturize my hair. The one I have been using is by Avon and so far I am very impressed by the results. My hair feels healthier and it smells divine.


And last of all I have been taking Omega 3 Fish oil supplement which I have heard is good for your hair. I don’t feel I have been taking this long enough to give an honest review- however, it has come strongly recommended.


My next step will be to leave in a hair mask over night to deeply condition it and continue with the steps above to get it in the best condition possible after the damage that has been caused. It’s a good idea to follow these steps in order to keep hair strong and in good nick anyway! Even before the bad dye job I regularly use hair masks and homemade remedies such as olive oil treatment to give my hair the best treatment possible.

I’ll keep you updated on how these attempts are coming along in the upcoming weeks! In the meantime- please share any hair dramas or advice you may have had- it would be great to hear them!

Love BWC xoxo