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Leading on from a recent blog about how long the average person spends on their phone (FYI it’s 3.9 YEARS). I became curious about how much time we spend doing other things- and I am still shocked by the results.

We spend…

26 Years Sleeping

I will simply drink MORE COFFEE!

10.3 Years Working

I will quit my job and live off the land.

11 Years Infront of the Television

Cancelling sky broadband as we speak! No more pause and record.

3 Months Stuck in Traffic

Who needs to buy a car?

1 Year Choosing What to Wear- If You are a Woman

I will save time if I simply wear no more clothes.

5 Years on the Internet

No more web surfing here.

6 Months Queuing

I guess I’m just going to have to forget my manners and learn to push in 😉

Wow. Just Wow.

Love BWC xoxo