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It is both a blessing and a curse that as women we have a deeper emotional connection with ourselves and those around us. Females are more consciously aware of their feelings and not just that- better at expressing them. In a social context our thoughts and interactions are sometimes fueled by emotion, or a bunch of emotions at one time. We are able to summon up feelings of anger almost simultaneously with feelings of forgiveness- and this ability to feel more than one thing at once and distinguish between each emotion is a mature intelligence.

But sometimes we may become entrapped by our own thoughts, with a tunnel vision that feels endless and inescapable. In times like this it is key to acknowledge that your mind is a tool- and it will behave in whichever way we will it to. Whenever you loose the will to do things remember it is of your choosing and that also means you can choose to think and act a different way. We can be our own worst enemy at times and the self-realization of this is the first step to releasing your fears and demons and bringing you one step closer to fulfilling your dreams. Here’s a quick step guide to Emotional Freedom.

1. Reverse Pessimism.

A negative attitude is always going to hold you back. Change ‘I can’t do this’ into ‘I will do this’ and you will begin to see that you CAN do it.

2. Love You.

Forget the three words that bring a smile on your face – I love you is out and LOVE YOU is in. You must, must, must Love YOU! I cannot stress the emotional impact and value loving yourself will have on you as a person. Focus on reasons why you are amazing, never let yourself dwell on reasons you are not.

3. Forget what others think.

Remember that what you think is the most important thing. Do not allow others to pass judgement onto you- you do NOT need anybodies approval. Yes it’s nice when somebody agrees with you but it is not a necessity- if you follow your heart you will begin to notice that those who may have disagreed with you in the first place have quickly done a 180° and are now right behind you.

4. Say NO to Compulsive Thinking.

A very smart lady once told me that you are not responsible for your first thought, only your second. You may have an irritable thought that just keeps coming back into your head that is not positive- maybe you keep dwelling on a recent fight- this is BAD projection- instead- acknowledge the thought, accept you may be feeling like this, then LET IT GO! Do not obsess- simply acknowledge, accept, and move on.

5. Let go of hatred.

i hate everything

Forget anything you’ve ever learnt about anger, revenge, grudges. Just forget them in their entirety. It is not in your best interest to draw out a battle- why use your emotional resource on something that has no benefit to you whatsoever? Hating someone is exhausting, if there is no way to resolve a fight then just allow these negative thoughts to leave you and get on with the rest of your life. Believe it or not, being the bigger person makes you appear STRONGER not weaker.

6. Live for today.

I’m going to be a little bit cheesy here, but I believe it is completely appropriate 🙂

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present.

Love BWC xoxo