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I am glued to my phone. Literally and unequivocally stuck to it. My face has some sort of gravitational pull towards my spanking new iPhone 6 as my fingers delicately trace the multi touch screen with sensual ease- as though playing the keys of a grand piano in the middle of a mystical forest with a waterfall backdrop… STOP! This is not the start of a fantasy novel – it is merely the obsessive tendencies towards modern mobile phone technology- and it has got to end!

According to a recent study by mobileinsurance.com the average person spends an approximate of 90mins on their phone each day. That is 23 days a year and 3.9 years of an average persons life.

3.9 YEARS! That is astounding.

I can think of many more more useful things I could do with 3.9 years. I could have another baby, get a Masters Degree, begin a new career, learn to scuba dive, break in a horse, make my own wine, breed a Siamese cat, get a friggen PILOT LICENCE.

That’s it. I’m putting away my phone and learning to fly.

Love BWC xoxo