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I’ve always had this notion that you shouldn’t really trust someone who doesn’t like animals. I mean WHO doesn’t like animals? Being the proud owner of a gorgeous British Shorthair moggie, I simply do not understand that you don’t like cats; or dogs for that matter.


New research by married dating site IllicitEncounters.com revealed only 18.4% out of 1000 people surveyed were dog owners. 816 of the 1000 surveyed did not have any pets at all.

Spokesperson for Illicit Encounters Claire Page says “There are many different reasons people have affairs, some people do it for companionship. Others do it because their partner travels often and they feel lonely, or because they think their partner is also having an affair so they feel it’s only fair. People want to feel adored, loved, important, valued, treasured, listened to, thrilled, or in control. An affair is not as black and white as some people think. That’s a prejudice and naïve way to look at it. What’s very interesting is the statistic from our latest survey – the fact that dog owners are the smallest group of people to stray says a lot. It reflects the temper of a dog – loyalty, protectiveness, friendship and affection are all things we associate with canines and people who are faithful.

Claire Page concedes ‘“That’s not to say that every person who owns a dog won’t have an affair. One of our members is a multimillionaire man who breeds greyhounds. Another one of our clients is a top designer who is having affairs with three different men and owns two Pomeranians.”

Of the 184 dog owners surveyed, the top five breeds were-


doberman training1

Mutt/Mixed Breed


Shih Tzu


Bull Terrier

miniature bull terrier

French Bulldog


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