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I’m quite irked about the new obsession with Jennifer Lopez, or in fact any woman, dating men younger than them. Over the past ten years, there has been a tremendous shift in societal perception in dating. What was once thought of as unusual (à la Demi/Ashton) has now become common place (Hallelujah!) as more and more women are going for younger men – Julianne Moore, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Robin Wright, Joan Collins, Geena Davis, Cher, Madonna, Susan Sarandon, Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston – so it shouldn’t be such a shocker in 2015 when women in the spotlight go for a younger, better model. If you had the chance, would you?


Men date younger women. All. The. Fricking. Time. So why is it such an issue in reverse? There are so many benefits to dating a younger man, like:

  1. It’s all about me, me, me – he’ll admire your success and achievements. Being awed and adored is fab-u-lous!
  2. They make the effort – younger men love to impress. They’ll step it up for you and become the best version of themselves, unlike a lot of older men who don’t bother.
  3. They are better in bed – with more energy, more stamina and enthusiasm, less age-related injuries, no arthritis, no pulled muscles, no osteoporosis, higher testosterone levels and general better physique they’re bound to make you scream!
  4. They make you feel young! BINGO! Feeling young is what we all yearn for. If there’s a person who can give me the elixir of youth, or even better, make me feel young, I’d jump at it (or them!) in a second. My husband is so busy and when he’s not busy he’s boring and I’m bored around him.

The benefits of having a younger man are so incredibly obvious to me – so why is it still such an issue for so many people? When Jennifer Lopez walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes with 27-year-old Ryan Guzman (a visual treat to say the least!) who is 19 years her junior, she started all kinds of rumours. Lopez and Guzman are starring opposite each other in new movie The Boy Next Door which is due to be released later this year.

Check out this clip of J Lo talking to Ellen DeGeneres about her co-star relationship. She says things like “He’s so fun, real sweet…He’s a real gentleman. There’s nothing wrong with it (dating a younger man!) I hate that they have a label for a woman who would date a younger guy (‘cougar’). If a younger guy is interested in you, what’s the big deal? What’s the word for the man who’s after younger girls?”

Bravo darling, bravo!

BWC xxx