Here are 7 tell-tale signs that your man may have taken a lover.

  1. He is always picking a fight.


Attack is the best form of defense. He may be starting arguments simply to reflect his own guilt.

  1. He’s being overly nice


Other times he may be trying really hard to please you. This could be because he is trying to throw you off track or because he is trying to make up for the guilt he is feeling. If your partner isn’t usually that attentive, then this kind of behaviour is unusual.

  1. He’s started to follow latest trends and fashions


Does he look better? Is he keeping his beard trim and his suit in check? When you first start seeing someone new you try and make a good impression- could he be trying to impress another woman?

  1. He completely guards his phone.


He’s got a password on it and panics when he can’t find it. He will also get extremely angry when you touch his phone. This could be a sign he is hiding something.

  1. Body language


Recently we wrote a post on interpreting body language. If he is more closed off from you and won’t look you in the eyes he may be up to something.

  1. Distance


If you are clearly spending less time together and you haven’t a clue why, you may want to consider where your partner actually is.

  1. Sex


Or rather lack thereof; you’re simply not doing it anymore. Going off sex is one of the first signs that a relationship is in a crisis.

Love BWC xoxo