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Man And Woman In Embrace Laying In Bed Kissing Reduced

Apparently shopping is now an alibi for cheating according to extra marital dating site Illicit Encounters. Especially now in the month of January when sales shopping is at it’s peak, it seems to be the best cover up to have a discreet affair. Over 65% of women on IllicitEncounters.com have said they will be using sales shopping as an excuse to see their lovers, as well as 58% of men admitting they’ll be using shopping as an excuse.

Illicit Encounters spokesperson Mike Taylor commented: “Sale shopping looks like it could be the perfect alibi for meeting with your secret tryst, it is a fantastically convenient excuse for some time apart from your partner. The need for this break from your partner is heightened during the stress of the Christmas period, which culminates in the New Year as January 5th has become widely regarded as the busiest day for people to start looking for an affair.”

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